From the Lake Balaton to Sopron - office have a new owner!

Our company was founded around the turn of Balaton called Invest 2001 Kft.. Our main business, commercial properties, mainly office buildings for rent. We have years of experience behind us, a lot of positive feedback enriched during the elapsed time. Our operation extensive references that gave several sources are leinformálhatóak prospective partners. Our goal has always been included in regular contact with our partners to the existing single contact should not be formal, but also to satisfy the infrastructure needs of a regular office tenants. Over the years, we collected a lot of experience, we are present in several provincial cities, such as .: Veszprém, Tatabanya, Várpalota and is now owned by the Sopron hospital account, the City of Loyalty, too! Similarly, high-profile project is located in the said towns, where settlements, the building consists of dozens of offices in our possession. Várpalota in 2013 was handed over to the office complex, which the city's mayor, Marta Talaber also appreciative words as did. The incubator was built in 2080 m2, which is observed particularly during the construction of the thermal insulation and modern heating system that the low cost of the rental fees are reflected, thereby contributing to the surrounding businesses. 37 Finally, modern office space in the building was constructed. Our customers include banks, large and small companies and offices, whose one and all ensure the highest quality. The recipients of our service companies always strive to provide the most modern conditions to optimally perform their work on a daily basis.
The Sopron hospital's main priority in the current project, where "A" class building, we look forward to surrounding businesses to be given all the circumstances of the successful operation. The incubator building offers an excellent infrastructure with 17 offices located, as well as ample parking capacity of people every day to work from. Easy access by car or public transport, stylish design for modern business aspects of compliance, it's all characterized the hospitals. As before, cities, Sopron is an ambition we arrived to get more business success promote, thereby contributing to economic recovery in the region.