Sopron is located in the busiest place, the Csengery Road, elegant, lift, fully meet the criteria of the modern office building. The "A" building with high security and asset management system, outdoor and underground parking with our customers to carry out their duties in the best possible conditions
The Lake Invest 2001 Kft. Several years of professional experience, many cities (Veszprém, Tatabanya, Várpalota, Sopron) offers small and medium enterprises in the surrounding office rental demand. Our company considers it important to our service recipient companies keep the highest possible satisfaction of competence.
We are dedicated to our property in our possession will always work the maximum level that is achieved by continuous modernization. Our company wide, knowledgeable reference circuits, is located between tenants banks, small and large businesses, as well as providing an office is for offices

Sopron körház

9800 Sopron
Kőszegi street. 5.
+36 30 123 4567

Office building


The role of the agencies in work

Today's modern business world is one of the first factor to be considered for the operation of a business, creating a pleasant working atmosphere ...


From the Lake Balaton to Sopron - office have a new owner!

Our company was founded around the turn of Balaton called Invest 2001 Kft.. Our main business, commercial properties, mainly office buildings hiring ...



  • nearly 150m2 and conference room
  • card access security / asset management system
  • air-conditioned office
  • Facilities for Disabled
  • cost effective operation
  • 21st-century office work needs fully satisfactory "A" class building
  • By convention, the design can be rented furnished design rooms on demand
  • a large number of outdoor parking
  • integrated fire protection system (smoke detector in each room)
  • office and communication services, social computing
  • Using social blocks
  • Use of public areas (lounge, kitchen, etc.)
  • joint appearance on site
  • website building, website hosting
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